Returns at eLuxury

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  1. How long does it take for eluxury to process a return? Have any one of you had problems? One of my collegues purchased a bag from them (a Damier Speedy) and returned it. The package had been returned via UPS and the tracking number showed that it had been delivered like 8 days ago. However it hasn't shown up as a refund yet, and the SA she spoke to had said that it was not in their system as received...she's kinda worried about it.
  2. Eshesh. That's a long time. It normally takes 7-days from the time they receive it!

    Elux gives me free return shipping and insurance and I ship back via Fed-ex.
  3. It does take them a long time to process a return. I don't remember exactly how many days it took them for mine but I do remember thinking that it took entirely too long. If she has a tracking number from ups or fed ex and it says that that it has been received then that pretty much guarantees that they have gotten it - thats what the SA at elux told me when I called. She will get an email when they have processed it but 7 or so business days sounds like the amount of time it took them for mine. Also you have to take into account the holiday weekend. I would bet there has been no one in their warehouse to process returns since before thanksgiving. Warehouses like that often shut down for an entire week around the holidays.. not unheard of.
  4. I mailed an item back to e-lux on Nov 11 and received an e-mail receipt confirmation from them on Nov 16. It was credited to my card on Nov 19.
  5. about a good solid ten days....i think you say 7-10 and then after day ten you get concerned
  6. I have had an awful hard time with returns at elux.
    Sometimes they are speedy fast -- and sometimes they are sooo slow.
    Of course, they always seem to take their time when my credit card bill is due. hahah lol.

    If you call them-- They can enter the return and set it up in the computer, so that when the box is received, the items are already set up in the return screen. I've done this 2x. It really didn't make sense to me, but it seemed to speed things up a bit. Good Luck.
  7. It takes them a while but I have no complaints about that really. I just have to keep myself busy to not think of the wait.
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