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  1. Hi all, sorry, i did do a search but couldn't find a definitive answer...

    I have recently added International shipping to my auctions - i've never shipped outside Europe before so i'm wondering if i ship to the U.S or Australia e.t.c, if whatever i'm selling (usually bags with a relatively high value) is returned, how do i avoid paying customs fees when it comes back to me? Since i've never filled out the form i don't know what's on it?! I understand there is a repairs/returns box - even if that is ticked, is the possibility of being charged by Customs still there? Sorry if this has been answered lots before, thank you! :heart:
  2. Hi there is a returns box......l am not an expert, but this should get the parcel through, you should ask them to also put in the copy of the sale ie proving it came from you...If all else fails you might have to pay, and claim customs back which is again proving the bag originated from yourself. l would call them just to verify for your own peace of mind, but hopefully your item's wont be returned :P
  3. Sianii - I once returned a bag to UK seller - she had to provide customs w/ a copy of the ebay auction and a copy of the original tracking showing that she had originally shipped same parcel to me.
    IF someone returns something to you, email those 2 things to them and ask them to print and place copies in the box, and mark RETURN GOODS on the shipping form. It will hopefully save BOTH of you time if the original auction AND the original shipping inv are IN THE BOX. Otherwise, you will have to provide same on your end. Customs just wants proof that the bag originated from YOU.
  4. Thank you both for your advice - i suddenly realised i hadn't a clue how it worked if it came back! Thanks again! :smile: