returns after 14 days?

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  1. Hey guys . . .

    I bought a Groom agenda about three weeks ago, and although I like it, I'm not sure if I'm super in love with it . . . I feel like the $300 could probably be better spent elsewhere. Does Louis Vuitton ever bend the 14 day rule, or am I basically SOL? I haven't touched the thing basically since I've gotten it, so it's certainly still salable. Any luck with similar situations, or advice on how to get them to bend the rules for me? Thanks bunches. (And no, I don't want a store credit, since I doubt that I'll be making any purchases for a while . . . I have pretty much everything I want!)
  2. Depending on your SA, sometimes you can exchange up to 30 days.
  3. exchange store credit and no refund. Depends on management.
  4. I think they'll give you an exchange but they don't do refunds unless the item is faulty.
  5. No refund.. but u can get a credit note and use it whenever there's something that u want :smile:
  6. As others said, you can exchange it for something else in the store within 30 days or if you don't see anything, they will issue a credit note that is good for one year (if I am not mistaken).
  7. Refund is only 14 days definitely. Exchange is 30 days. I never asked about store credit but I did read that it's 1 year so Irene is right on.
  8. Does anyone know about returns after 14 days on lv's website?
  9. So for the store credit if you don't use it in a year you just lose it?
  10. I tried to return a bag to LV at 16 days and exchange it for another bag. I spoke with the manager on the phone so I didn't make a wasted trip, and he told me that I could not return OR exchange after 14 days. I tried to explain that of course I didn't use the bag and I wanted to exchange for something that was a bit more $$, and he would not bend. This was at the Atlanta LV store at Lenox. I no longer shop there and buy everything LV at the Saks across the street. I have bought many many bags through the LV store, and all the manager had to do was look this up, and see that I have never exchanged/returned before, but he was adamant about the bag now was mine.
  11. What?????? It says right on my receipt that you can exchange up to 30 days. Does yours say that? If so I would take it back and tell them they need uphold their policy.
  12. I stand corrected. It was 2 days after the 30 day exchange. Yes, you are right~!