Returns advice

  1. I bought what was listed as a coach bag, however when it arrived today, it turned out to be a fake. I didn't find out till after I left feedback though (the lovelies at the coach forum informed me it was fake!) However when I emailed her saying that it was a fake and I wanted my money back, she replied:

    "[FONT=arial,sans-serif]hi, im sorry to hear this news, my daughter actually purchased this bag from e bay a while ago. i would like to know who has told you that it is a fake? we had it checked from an independant source and were told it seemed original. anyway, i don't want you to be dissapointed so if you could return the bag within 5 days via recorded delivery i will refund in full. kind regards"

    Is it regular protocol to post the item back with money from your own pocket then get your money for the item back, or should they give the money back first? I have never had to return anything before so have no clue what is normal :[

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. It's just like returning to an online store - return the bag first to get your money back. Make sure you get signature confirmation of the delivery, and keep all paperwork.
  3. Ah thank-you, I will send it and definitely get proof of postage! Thanks again.
  4. Most sellers will not refund until they receive the item back, as they want to make sure it is the same item in the same condition. Unfortunately, you will probably have to pay the cost to ship back, unless the seller offers to reimburse you. If you went through Paypal claim, they also require buyers to ship back at their own cost.
  5. I agree with LouiseyPeasey, make sure to use signature confirmation and insurance also.
  6. I know she agreed to refund you the money once she receive the bag back. However, I would recommend file w paypal, either as "not as describe" or " not authentic", it's up to you. Then inform the seller that you have to do so to keep everything in record. She will refund either way so she just need to response to the dispute.
    Only send the bag back when she respond saying she will refund the money.
    Once you sent the bag back (w signature request and insurance), post it in the paypal dispute. that's how I will do it.
    Sorry to hear about the bag
  7. Thank-you for the advice, I am clueless when it comes to eBay! I have talked to the seller, and she is actually a very nice lady. so hopefully I will have no problem getting my money back fingers crossed.

    Thanks again!