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  1. My nearest boutique is an hour drive away so I can't visit it too often.

    There's a few things that I want to buy so I can examine it when it arrives. I'll most likely return them but I would like to see them in real life.

    Some people on the forum talked about getting banned for returning too many items? Will my purchases and returns go against me?
  2. I think you might have a prob with LV and they prob have the right to decline your returns, even if it's within the 14 days, and prob will if you make too many returns. It costs them to ship and to accept a return shipment so I don't think they will like it if you did this a lot. I suggest you going to the store and try all your items that you like. I live an hour away too, I just do a lot of you tube research on what I am interested in and carve out a few hours one day to go to the boutique to try out and/or buy the bag. You don't want LV to decline ur return (which they prob have the right to) and you get stuck with items you don't want.
  3. I agree. I live 50 minutes away. I look on-line then watch YouTube. Eventually, I make the trip out to the store to try stuff on. Usually, it takes two trips before I decide what I want.
  4. Not sure if you will be blacklisted right away but there's a high likelihood that your returns will count against you, especially if you make too many. If the items are not defective and your only reason for return is you changed your mind, then this might be frowned upon.

    Like the others said, do as much research as you can, look at videos on youtube or mod pics online and then drive to the store and inspect them in person.
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    Last edited: May 7, 2016
    I live in the UK. European law gives me the right to return stuff I buy from the Internet under the 'Distance selling regulations' so LV will not be able to refuse a return. If I buy something in person from a shop, I don't have that legal right, it only applies to Internet purchases.

    I definitely don't want it to go against me although I just want to make one order with a few things. The last time I went to the boutique, they didn't carry the items I want to see. :sad: There's two bags I'd like to see in person, I'm not sure if I want them or not but they'll most likely be sent back. If it will go count against me then I may just wait until I research the bags more.
  6. Maybe you can call the boutique ahead off time and they can get the items in the store for you to see. If you explain to them honestly that you live a bit away and are not sure about ordering on line and not liking only to return, they might be willing to get the items in stock for you to see.

    Its an opportunity for you to see the bags live and if you dont make a purchase the store now has 2 bags that they otherwise wouldnt have had,not to mention the chance to make you, a new customer, very happy :smile: good luck!
  7. That's a good idea! I'll give them a phone and try visit the boutique sometime next week. I just don't think I should risk getting on the bad side of them by ordering online and returning. I hadn't considered the fact that it'll cost them money.
  8. If you will "most likely" send them back then I don't understand why you would even order them in the first place. It's clear from reading your posts that you don't love the items.

    An hour isn't really far to travel in this day and age - it would just be a nice morning out. It takes us 50 minutes just to get to our nearest town (for shops like M&S, Waterstones etc) and, trust me, there's no LV there!!
  9. I'm in the UK and was told by a SA if you call the customer service number on the website they can check stock at your local store and reserve items you want to look at. At least you won't have a wasted trip if you know for sure they have the items you want available.
  10. Great idea.
  11. LOL! The return policy at LV is the worst.

    My parents buy me LV, but I didn't like them or they didn't fit my laptop. So they have done a lot of returns. It is a nightmare. The SA gives you the side and belittles you. They accused me of using a stupid messager bag and then returning it. THE NERVE OF THE SA!

    Also, it is 14 days when you order, that you have to bring it back in for a refund. So if they take 5 days to process your order, and 3 days to ship, but you cannot bring it back into the store to refund that week because of work, then that bag is yours.

    It's an awful experience.

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