1. So I have a question.. if I just bought a bag at the full price store and it was out of state.. I can't find my receipt from our trip, and I go to return it at another store... I know I can only get a gift card.. but will they give me the full price I paid, or do they give me the price minus the 25% discount?? I know they say the lowest price or something, but since that discount was for certain customers only, I am confused!! :confused1:
  2. Good question and i'm no help - but if they pull you up in the computer, are they able to track what bags you've purchased and whether or not you got a discount??
  3. I don't know, that's what I was wondering... I know when I called about an outlet bag once the outlet said without the receipt they would give me the lowest selling price, so THEY must not be able to pull it up, not sure about the boutiques though.. I guess I will have to call, I just didn't want to be told wrong and drive a long time for nothing!!
  4. did you try to call them and explain your situation? maybe they'd give you what you paid if you talked to them.
  5. Okay, I called and I can return it at any store or outlet, or I can even send it into the returns dept ( this is why I love coach!!) and they can give me the price of the purse, which is what I paid, in gift cards if I can't find my receipt.. that makes me feel better. thanks!!