Returning worn shoes...?


Jan 29, 2006
I bought a pair of platform-type espadrilles from Banana Republic that ended up being so godawful.

First of all, the left shoe is somehow significantly narrower than the right shoe. Also, the canvas material cut up my feet so badly that I think there might be blood on the shoes!

I did wear them outside however... online Banana Republic said their return policy is for unworn merchandise.

Is there a way I can convince them to give me a refund? Has anyone done this for worn shoes (to a place that's not as understanding as Nordstrom!)? Should I bother?

They were $78.00 which I'd like to get back!
Noriko said:
I've never tried, can they be cleaned up nicely, since you said you only wore them once? Sans the blood of course.

haha! Yeah... I thought about that, but the bottoms are leather and have little dents from pebbles and concrete.
If its online just send it back and say you received them like that :lol: Stranger things have happened. Did you buy them with amex? I think they have return protection.
No, I purchased them from the store. I'm not too familiar with how Banana Republic handles returns, maybe somebody else can give their input. I imagine that they should be accomodating since they have such a yuppie demographic?
i thought the store policy was any returns as long it was within 2 weeks. but they might have changed that. you should call and ask a rep? i never bought shoes from BR. good to know they suck.
fayden said:
i thought the store policy was any returns as long it was within 2 weeks. but they might have changed that. you should call and ask a rep? i never bought shoes from BR. good to know they suck.

haha! Seriously! This is actually the second time this defect has happened. The last time I bought shoes from them was last year. I got home to find that one shoe was narrower than the other... luckily I didn't wear those outside, though. The display pairs were fine, but get 'em home and :sad2:
ouch! hope you are ok now! i think i know what shoes youa re talking about...they looked really cute! in canada there is no set return policy, as long as it is unworn w/ tags attached and receipt, you are able to return it whenever. in the event that they can't accomodate a refund of your money, at least they shoud beable to give you a credit? good luck!
i think you should return them based on the fact that they are defective goods (one is narrower than the other) rather than telling them that you changed your mind abt it. That should work since they shouldn't be selling defective goods in the first place!
Agreed! Take them back stating that they are's not like you wore them loads then decided to take them back.
They're faulty so they should be returned.;)
I know for a fact that gap has a wear and wash return policy if you wear something and wash it and it shrink or something goes wrong you can return for a full refund within 14 days no questions asked. Since banana republic, old navy, and the gap are all part of the same corporation. I'm sure they will give you your money back!! don't take no for an answer, sometimes they'll say no just to avoid a refund but i find that the service at any of the gap inc. places are good.
good luck!!
I don't know about BR, but I've returned worn shoes once. I bought them for work, and I wore them for one shift. They were DREADFUL, usually shoes make your feet a little sore the first time, but this is just... well, I knew it wouldn't get better. So I returned them, said they were uncomfortable and I got my money back! :smile: Just be pleasant about it, explain the situation and you'll be fine.
Thanks, girls!

I'm going to go return them now. They ARE defective so I shouldn't feel awful about returning worn shoes.

And if they don't take 'em back I guess I'll throw myself on the floor and start kicking. I figure my dignity is worth the $78.00 + tax.