Returning Vintage Ligne Chocolate Bowler to Saks

  1. I shipped the Vintage Ligne Chocolate Bowler (trapezoid shape) and it will be arriving at Saks tomorrow (Saturday Jan 5th).

    The Vintage Ligne Bowler was originally $2295 - I think it is currently on sale for $964. The handles are braided like Lady Braid and the color is very pretty. I'm returning it because hand helds are just not practical for me with our 2 year old. PM me if you want more details.

    BTW - I think Larkie posted pics of this bowler in the reference library if you want more piccies.
    vintagelignechocolate1.JPG vintagelignechocolate2.JPG
  2. Ann, that is a fabulous bag AND price! I am sooo tempted, but the fact that there is not a shoulder option makes it impractical, even for someone without children like me.
  3. ooh this must be the smaller version like the one i have in black? b/c my brown one does fit over the shoulder. gahh what a great price!
  4. I pm'd you...thank you so much!!!!!!!
  5. Thank you for posting Ann!! Have a nice weekend~:yes:
  6. I hope a tPF'r gets it!!!
  7. You're so sweet, thanks a~:heart:
  8. Based on the price of your bag and the one I'm returning, it seems like it's the same bag. Larkie, you are SOOO SKINNY that might be why you can wear the bag on your shoulders!:smile:

    The bag I returned can prolly be worn on shoulders but not very comfy b/c the base is so wide...
  9. how big was this bag?, do you recalled???
  10. it's gorgeous and at a great price. I wish i could!
  11. Just PM'd you.....Thanks.......will have to go on a serious bag ban if I get this one.....
  12. I called, she is not here today...and was told by another sales...someone already drop sales msg that would like to buy this bag...sad!!!:crybaby:but would be happy if any of us here bring her home!!:tup:
  13. ^ Sorry ladies.. I'm the one who call and get the bag.. I'll post pics when I received it... Thanks
  14. ^^^ congrats!
  15. thanks for posting, Great price indeed, i have too many hand-carry bags....i hope this can be a shlder bag as well or else will love to snap her now~