Returning velo and not sure what to buy now!

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  1. Hi everyone

    I hope I can get a bit of help here... My dilemma is I bought a black g12 silver hw velo which I love but the strap is too long (even on the shortest setting) and it looks ridiculous on me! Now I have a credit note and not sure what to buy.

    A little background... I have three cities (black, bleu roi and cumin) and I wanted something a touch bigger with a slightly longer strap to fit essentials for my two daughters so basically 2 drink bottles, a nappy, some wipes, my mobile, wallet and a small snack. The city works ok but it gets a bit crowded. I was thinking maybe the Day bag, I love the style! But I've heard it's kinda a black hole and tough to find things in? Or do I venture out and buy another brand?

    Any help would be so appreciated, thanks so much xx
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    If you love the velo, why don't you get the strap shortened, or get more holes punched in it? That will affect your resale but I don't know if you're worried about that. Day bags are great but you won't be able to reach into it without taking it off your shoulder and that doesn't work well with young kids.
  3. Maybe work great on you? Even work doesn't have long strap, but you can use it as a shoulder bag.
    If you consider another brand, maybe lv speedy b 30 great on you, or longchamp neo/cuir ( both has a long strap ) easy to maintain. LC cheaper but great imho

  4. Thank you both so much [emoji8] I agree about the Day, it doesn't sound right for what I need from the bag!! I will probably shorten the strap somehow or look at the other options, thank you again xx
  5. I have a day that I absolutely love, but when I'm with my daughter I really want a crossbody option so I'm considering getting a velo. I vote for keeping the velo.
  6. Have you tried the Maxi Twiggy? Awesome bag, super spacious and can be worn crossbody but doesn't hang low like the velo. I have 2 of tgem~ love this style!

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  7. I have a maxi twiggy too and love it!

    But if the OP wants something a touch bigger than the city then maxi twiggy won't be enough for her.

    I have a toddler too and during my last outing with the maxi twiggy I struggled to get her water bottle and extra thin sweater in there along with my stuff. I ended up leaving my wallet at home (putting my cash in the bag pocket) just so I could have space. :sad:

    Velo seems to be what she needs. Except she doesn't like the strap.

    How about a (discontinued) pompon or the current Carly bag? They both have straps and seem big enough. I don't have either so can't vouch for them yet though.

    Best of luck!
  8. Gosh, I have a city also and feel the Maxi Twiggy holds waaaay more than the city.

    Well, best if luck, let us kniw what you choose!

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