Returning too much?

  1. Since I am petite and in between sizes, I find myself ordering a lot from and Sometimes, I'll order the same item in 2 sizes and return one of them. How much do you think that BR/Gap specifically track my returns? I don't want them to think that I am abusing my free shipping privileges as a Luxe cardholder, and I definitely don't want to be blacklisted.
  2. there's a different standard for online returns than there would be for stuff purchased and tried on in-store. companies understand that giving you the opportunity to spend your money without coming into their store means that they'll take in more revenue, but they'll also run a higher return rate, especially in the clothing business. it's one of the disadvantages to them, but it comes with the significant advantage that you don't have to leave your house to give them your money, making you a much more frequent shopper. they're 100% aware of what you return and from what orders, but you'd have to be doing a really unusual amount of returns (and a really high volume of orders in general, i would think) in order to throw up their red flag.
  3. As Amanda said, online stores account for a much higher rate of return. I worked for a company that had a normal rate of return in-store of around 8%, whilst online it was 30%. I know of some online stores that actually encourage you to order in more than one size if you're unsure! And I have to say I do exactly the same thing, so you're definitely not alone :tup:
  4. I always do the same thing. Since all clothes are cut so different I have jeans that range 4 different sizes. I don't think you have anything to worry about, especially if you are ordering the same item in different sizes. I think they expect that you are going to return one of them.
  5. me too - i order from Nordstrom all the time and return what fits/doesn't. i felt horrible about all my post-anniversary sale returns becasue they pay for shipping both ways. eek!!
  6. i am really petite. so the only place i can order clothing is jcrew and br since they carry petites. however most stores don't have petite clothing so i have to order online, try it on and honestly, i always end up returning around 80 percent of the time! i'm sure they have to understand that buying online is different than being able to go to the store and trying it there... since we can't do this, there's going to be a lot of returning. a lot of the times, i see the item IRL and i don't even like it. they look way better in photos than IRL. it stinks being petite sometimes!
  7. Don't sweat it. I worked for Gap for a time, and the return policy is the best around. We would accept returns on worn items even, because they didn't wash how the customer thought they should. They would know you're legit, don't worry.
  8. Don't worry about it. Trust me, the like all the items you buy!!