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  1. Does anyone have any recent experience with returning items to I just saw on their website that they "reserve" the right that it can take up to a MONTH for a return to be processed. I was just curious if it really takes that long and if anyone's had any issues?

  2. I returned a Christmas gift in January (Chi dryer that was busted in half)

    I would imagine January would be a busy month for them with returns and such but it took maybe 7 days until everything processed and I got a new product. I thought they were great.
  3. I've had good CS dealing in the past with them.
  4. I have also had good experience with returns. Especially since they no longer have a restocking fee!
  5. If you use their return label I can see it taking longer than usual. When I returned items using my own shipping method it was processed faster.
  6. I recently returned something, took less than two weeks. Probably a week because I totally forgot about it. The only thing is, they charge for shipping when you return!
  7. Thanks so much for the input! Glad to hear you've all had good experiences!
  8. I was not charged for return shipping.
  9. I had a problem once with a return, but I contacted their CS online and they resolved it quickly. I suggest contacting them to make sure they received it and to make them aware that you're waiting for the refund.