Workplace Returning to Old Job

LV Luvr

Nov 27, 2006
Have you ever returned to a company you were once employed? Leaving on good terms of course, but realizing you liked the old company better after you left? Just wondering how 1. you spoke to your previous employer about the new opp and 2. how were your coworkers once you returned? TIA?


Sep 10, 2007
I haven't personally, but had a friend who just did. He left company 1 due to the erratic schedule and lower pay, but left on good terms. He spent about 5 months at company 2, decided it just wasn't a good fit for him, so went back to company 1. They gave him a schedule he liked and a raise.

Everyone there loves him, so they were all happy to see him come back. No hard feelings or anything that I know of. I think part of what helped is that he is a manager, and also that company 1 was a little short-staffed when he was looking to come back. I'm sure they would have had him back anyway, but that might have helped grease the wheels a little.

If you like the people and left on good terms, I don't think there's a downside. I can see how in some situations it could be humbling, if you made off like you were moving on to bigger and better things (like a lot of people do when they leave places), but even then, it wouldn't take long for everyone to adjust to having you back.


I·R 1/f
Feb 2, 2010
I've seen a lot of people leave my company and come back (some 2 months later, others 10 years later...).

Just be straightforward about it when talking to you employer. Co-workers weren't be a big deal, they adjusted.

LV Luvr

Nov 27, 2006
^ Thanks for the response gals! It would be DH...and possible me. We both worked a tthe same company. But it would be him going back to start after I have the babs. He left for what was a better opp. however, the company was immoral and unethical. So we've been debating. H\Good to hear respsonses! Thanks so much!


Jan 23, 2009
I had 2 part time jobs for 3 years. I quit the lower paying job in September to complete my final year of university. I was considering after graduating for a month and I'm unable to find a full time job, I'll go back to the job I quit and back to working 2 part time jobs. I left on good terms =)


Sep 29, 2008
Where the heart is
I did this a few years ago. I took a job with another company but realised pretty quickly it wasn't the right move. I called my Regional Manager and told him he was right (he said I'd regret moving...), and although I didn't want to go back to my old job they re-employed me about six weeks later in a better position.
I really felt welcomed back - nobody said, 'I told you so', even if they were thinking it!
So - I would say go for it and good luck!