Returning to LV tomorrow.....Epi or Damier Azur?

  1. I guess I'll be returning to LV tomorrow to return the small Damier Azur agenda I bought today. It has a small chip at the top (posted a pic earlier) but now I've got myself the Azur too light for something that is most likely going to be thrown around? Should I just pay the extra money and go for a small Blue Epi agenda? What has everyone found to be more practical?:confused1:
  2. EPI! I think the blue epi is so gorgeous.
  3. I would go for the epi.
  4. I'd go for epi...i agree that azur is too light to be thrown inside..I prefer azur in bags rather than accessories!
  5. I know you didn't mention Vernis. I have not actually touched Vernis yet! But those agendas are so pretty. Or go for Epi. Or go for Damier. Its classic. Or Mono? That is classic as well.
  6. I agree-the Epi would be nice!
  7. I love the epi!!
  8. I would go for the Epi.
  9. Ahh it looks like everyone is suggesting the epi! :love: I think I would be happier with the epi, afterall. We'll see what happens tomorrow!
  10. azur!
  11. epi!
  12. I still can't decide! My BF said to exchange it for another azur, but ohhh I keep thinking about the blue epi. I think that if I were completely satisfied with the azur (which I have now), I'd just be thinking about exchanging it, rather than getting a different style. Ahh :confused1:
  13. epi. i have a bag and a checkbook cover in the myrtille epi. it's a stunning color. and epi is so durable. i bought myself an epi agenda too but i got red. it's really beautiful.
  14. i love azur w/all my heart, but i have to agree it's not my ideal color for agenda. Epi would be a classic, what about koala? Damier come w/stunning red interior, and Mono have pretty pink and sunny orange interior. It's hard to decide w/o seeing them side by side, but i am sure once you see them next to each other, you will know for sure which one is a winner for ya. Have fun @ LV store!
  15. Would you consider something in Vernis??