Returning to Barneys - policy?

  1. I have my original receipt and the purse is in brand new condition w/dustbag as I received it. Only thing is though the tag is not connected to the purse - I snagged it as it was on the zipper pull so I had to cut the plastic piece off - I still have the original tag though which is intact. Will I have any issues receiving a full refund? I need to return within 7 days before the 30 days are up....

    Also, since I don't do this much, do I need to call the SA to let her know I'm returning the purse for a full refund, or just go ahead and send it to her attention w/a note? I hate to do it but I'm not in love with it so it has to go back considering the $ that I spent.

  2. you can absolutely return the bag with the tag unattached. just bring in your receipt and it should not be a problem at all. this has happened to me a few times and they've been nothing but fabulous! let me know what happens!
  3. TY! Yes, they were fabulous, no problems at all though I was nervous about it. Barneys has excellent CS!!!