Returning SLG's to get either wilshire boulevard or azur stole????

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  1. Guys I need some help, I'm going to return my SLG's as I just feel more excited by bags and scarves than what I got but i can't decide whether to get the azur stole, leopard stole (brown) or a wilshire boulevard in vernis as i don't have a vernis bag - opinions please!!!!
  2. I think a leopard stole or the whilshire! I've been planning on getting a leopard stole too, i just love it, it's so soft!
  3. Vernis is addicting! Get the wilshire :smile:
  4. Wilshire!
  5. wilshire :smile:
  6. I love the azur stole.. I'm considering it myself.. =)
  7. Wilshire
  8. Wilshire!!!!
  9. wilshire
  10. Wilshire or the leopard stole :biggrin:
  11. Wilshire or Leopard Stole!! :love:
  12. Vernis, Azur Stole, Leopard Stole. In that order.
  13. Wilshire
  14. Azur stole! It's so pretty!
  15. wilshire!!