Returning shoes to overseas seller


Piggy Fajita
Sep 19, 2007
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Ok i really need some advice. I recently bought a pair of Betsey Johnson shoes from a seller in Hong Kong, her feedback was like 200 @ 100%. So i didnt think the shoes were fake or anything, but when they arrived she packaged it without a box of any kind and the ribbon on the shoe (the main reason i bought the shoes) were all bent and there were blue ink marks on the inside and outside of the shoe. I opened up a claim with paypal because she didnt respond to my emails for like two weeks. Finally, 2 days after i opened up the claim she emailed me and told me she has been very busy and that's why she hasnt responded to me yet. She offered a partial refund of $30.00 which wasnt great so i told her i rather return it to her, but there was no way for me to make sure i would get a refund while the claim was open and i shipped the shoes to her; so i told her i'll just wait for paypal.
So today, paypal decided in my favor and is asking for tracking information for the shoes to HONG im wondering how am i going to do that? I get an email from her; she basically says that to save money on shipping i could ship to her brother in ny. She gives me a PO Box number address in NY...and im really skeptical right now, because if i enter tracking to NY to paypal i'm pretty sure if she claims her brother didnt recieve the shoes in NY theres no way for me to get my money back. Also, the shipping back to her i'm paying for, so i dont know if shes being nice to try and save me money on shipping or just trying to scam me.
So my question is: is there anything she can do to change the address for the return to the NY address on the paypal claim so that way i wouldnt get screwed if i mail the shoes to her Brother. Or should i just spend the money and send the shoes to Hong the cheapest most slowest way possible?
TIA for all advice!


Aug 17, 2007
Paypal should give you the address to ship back to, don't ship anywhere but that address, if you don't she can claim she didn't recieve them.

Paypal will refund your original shipping cost, but you will have to pay to ship it back...if they were expensive, I would ship express and make sure to insure it.