Returning shoes after 4 months - explain to SA?

  1. I have a wonderful SA who helps me with shoes, and he found me a great pair of Sandals about four months ago that I have yet to wear because the heel is high and I'm having foot problems that makes high heels out of the question for a while. I don't want to return them and have him lose commission, so I asked him to find me another another lower heel pair instead. Would it be crazy to explain the situation to him that I wanted to wait to return the others until I could find something else from him? Or does that just sound weird, and I should just plan to just return the others without saying a word? I know it's a long time to return, but it's Nordstrom. They've never been worn but it's the end of the season and will probably be racked soon. Thanks.
  2. They'll take it back, you didnt wear them? Nordstroms is great about taking back items, or better yet, exchange, most stores will exchange for a lower heel.
  3. Even if you can't get the full amount, a lot of stores do accept returns in exchange for store credit - that way you can get the credit and buy something that you will wear...but I would still give it a try. The worse they can do is say no.
  4. I didn't wear them; they're brand new. It's just that they're out of season at this point (or will be very soon).
  5. you don't have to offer any kind of explanation. Nordstrom is super forgiving with their return policy, and i've never had an SA bat an eyelash at any of my returns.