Returning shape of a bag

  1. Hi everyone, i have another little problem with my Trouville :Push:
    Yesterday I went out with my baby all day, and today when I put it into her dustbag, I notice a little "groove" on the bottom of the canvas..
    In a few words, probably I put my bag on a surface not very linear and now the bottom of the bag is little bit embossed.
    Is there something I can do to returning the original shape on this part?
    I thought to put something heavy inside the bag, like a book or something else...Have you ever had this problem? :hrmm:
  2. perhaps but something heavy in the bag and hang it on a door handle?
  3. How about leaving it like that.
    It'll go away with time as you use your bag.
    You might put a heavy book and hang it on something and end up with something maybe the impression of the heavy item or it might distort the shape of the bag...or maybe the handles get stretched out or something.
  4. :flowers:Thanks!
    Maybe I leave it like that, i'm afraid to scratch/broke handles too:hrmm:
    Tomorrow I can put a book inside, and then I let you know..
    This is a problem with bags with "no soft" bottom...
    it's time to spend money on Speedy so I wouldn't have problems on shape :P
  5. I think you should overly stuff it and leave it by a window so that the material can be ironed out.
  6. I agree.
  7. Hmmm...let it sit by the window for a while to warm up (ie if you don't mind the leather oxidizing too fast) and gently push the inward bump out:biggrin:
  8. just stuff it with some old t-shirts to bring it back to shape. just not too much.