Returning/Selling a LV only to buy it again..Anyone?

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  1. I was wondering since I'm about to do this same thing...

    Have any of you bought a LV bag that you thought you didn't like or whatever...return it (which I did) or sell it....Only to find out a wk, or 2 later...or month, etc. that you made a mistake and decide to buy it again?? Ugh....:Push:

    I'll go first...It was the damier 30, now I'm missing it...and realizing I should have kept it. Grr!:censor:
  2. Yes definitely!! It's such a costly regret. It happened to me with a Mono Speedy and Mandarin Pochette.
  3. Ugh, Ya...and I had gotten it before the price increase. So ya..costly! :sad: Oh well....:rolleyes:
  4. It happened to me on the cerises items, the manhattan pm (since sold again) and a number of other items. It is part of the addiction, I think.
  5. I've done that with my Mezzo, & a couple of LV wallets.. I could kick myself when I get that feeling!!!
  6. When I got married 10 years ago, my godfather gave me Ellipse PM for my wedding gift. Back then I had no idea was LV was and returned it to the store only to buy it a couple of months later (after seeing it in a gossip mag on Madonna) for more $$$ (after price increase).:rant:
  7. A pochette cles.
  8. Oh that could definitly happen to me since I sometimes buy on impulse. If I find myself in a LV boutique, I will buy something and then figure out later whether I love it as much as I thought I did initially. I once bought a Chanel in 5 minutes flat - I regret that kind of buying, but I know it's part of the addiction.
  9. I've done it with the Koala wallet... bought and returned it twice now.
  10. Nope...never...I don't like selling my bags.
    Since my entire collection I've only sold my Toledo Blue Petit Noe..the color just didn't fit my wardrobe....and my black MC HL I gave to my b/f daughter. The bag was way to small for my liking.
  11. Yes, I've done that with a PTI epi nior. I figured that I already had the other style wallet and then I also had some other black wallets and I convinced myself I didn't need one. Now, I want it again! :rolleyes:
  12. YAY, so I'm not the only one this has happened to. :P I've been collecting LV's for about 6 yrs. now and this is the 1st time I've returned something, that now I later realize I "messed up" :Push: ..and should've kept. So I will be re-buying.

    Aww, nice to know I'm not alone.:graucho:
    Thx All!!:cool:
  13. I did that with the popincourt haut. First thought that it was too small, returned it and then changed my mind and bought it only a week later.
  14. I bought a cerise pochette, sold it, rebought it, and sold it again. If it was still available, I'd probably rebuy it again LOL.:lol:
  15. I haven't ordered it yet...may just go to the store (haven't decided which) I got it June 1 (when it was released) returned it got the Baggy GM (on 6/10 which I love!) Now Sorry I returned the damier speedy. :rolleyes: Today's what the 19th. I had it in my grasp 6/8 that's when it went back....ughhhhhhh :censor: So....technically 11 days ago I had it...and now I'm kicking myself. The outfit I had on yesterday for Father's Day it would've went with it so well! GRR!:mad:

    Oh will be mine, IT WILL BE MINE! LOL!!:lol: