Returning Sale Jewelry to Saks

  1. I’m returning 2 pieces of Chanel jewelry to Saks. I’m shipping in the returns (it’ll probably arrive there Thursday or Friday) and I would really like to see my SA get the credit so PM me if you want details.

    First item is a hair barrette for $220 (original price is $520).

    Second item is the Chanel cuff bracelet in dark burgundy and orange. The burgundy is showing up a little lighter in the picture because of the flash. The original price is $850 but it is currently on sale for $357.

    I only own three pieces of Chanel jewelry and they are all understated. I don't think I can carry off these two pieces, as they are quite bold and edgy.
    barrett.JPG cuff bracelet.JPG
  2. This is a steal!! I love this bracelet but..not sure if this is for me. Someone please bring it home!!:yes:
  3. that cuff is gorgeous, too bad my wrist is too small for any rings and bracelets...hope someone here grabs it
  4. I need to refrain from buying more things but I just wanted to say that you are such a doll A~ for posting these up! I'm sure everyone appreciates it tons and there will be lucky tPFers who will have a chance to own fab Chanel items for less! Thanks:love:!
  5. I know someone out there is dying to get their hands on this particular cuff! The SA that sold me mine asked me to send it back to her if I change my mind, and not return it to a store that is closer to me. She said she has 3 other people who also wanted to buy it.
  6. I finally got to the FedEx station today and overnighted the Cuff Bracelet and Barette to my SA at Saks.

    For those who contacted me, the bracelet will be there Saturday (tomorrow). Good luck!
  7. I am really tempted!!! Thanks for the posts.
  8. The cuff is so stunning but I couldn't found any on sale in UK. *sad*
  9. i actually just received this bracelet in the mail from my SA. i have a tiny wrist/arm but i'm kinda loving it! it's my first piece of costume jewelry!!
  10. The cuff is pretty HUGE!