Returning Sale items...

  1. I had an email yesterday when i go back too, to say it would be in within 72 hours but im with natwest so could be any time
  2. Sunblock when did ups collect your parcel for the return?
  3. has anyone got a Bayswater in hot fuchsia that they are returning? I've called Mulberry and apparently all their stores are out of stock
  4. Best post in the shopping forum near the top. The ladies there have a watchful eye :smile:
  5. Sorry to but in but UPS picked up mine the next day which is when I booked it. Arrived at Mulberry the next day (Friday) and got a response from Mulberry on Wednesday. Still waiting for refund though.
  6. ..don't apologise, very helpful thanks! When it arrived at mulberry did you receive an email?!? Mine got picked up fri and I haven't heard anything....
  7. No all I had was the tracking from UPS which said it had been delivered. You can request UPS to send you an email when it has been delivered.

    I emailed Mulberry on Tuesday asking what was going on and they came back to me on Wed. No money today so looks like next week now!
  8. This isn't going to help you guys at all but I returned a Mulberry bag to Harrods and they were fast. I returned it on Monday, using their free return service of 48hr Parcel Force. I had an email on Wednesday confirming receipt of the return and I had the money in my account this morning. I am very impressed!
  9. So waited excitedly for my Bella Hobo in pebble beige to come by UPS.. And having to send it back due scratches on the mulberry disk and scratches on the silver hardware on the front. Am I being too fussy? Just wanted it to be perfect even if it was in the sale :sad: do I need to call the store I purchased from to let them know why i am returning or do you just call UPS. What's best practice - have never had to return before.
    Thanks all!
  10. You buy from If so just arrange with UPS and wait (a while) to hear back from Mulberry.
  11. They are good and you only pay about £6 in postage!
  12. No you are definitely not being too fussy - I can't believe how bad the quality control is for vetting some of the stuff that gets sent out in the sale. I bought a Bella hobo in the same colour today in person and asked for one from the back which came out pristine and with the plastic still on the front plate, which is how it should be. I don't know where you are based but if you are in the UK and still after that Bella hobo I think the City branch of House of Fraser still have one or two in stock and I'm sure they would post? It would be such a shame for you to miss out on your sale find, it is such a lovely bag.
  13. Thanks

    I bought it mail order from the Bond Street store.

    Must admit I am a bit disappointed , the leather is a bit grubby too in some places and there's no sign of any protective plastic! Oh well.

    Thanks for the info re HoF in the City will give them a call!
  14. Update... Checkd my emailed for the first time today.. And I have one from mulberry stating they have received my items safely and the refund will be in my account within 72 hours...we shall see. At least I've received an email though..

    FYI I sent back last Friday so with the weekend it's taken 5 working days... Not as bad as initially thought!
  15. That's really shocking - just because something is on sale doesn't mean it shouldn't be sent out as new! The prices are still very high even for sale items and it is gutting to receive something you have been saving for/looking forward to in that sort of condition.

    Definitely give them a ring, you can even ask them on the phone to make sure they send you one with the protective plastic still on, to check for marks etc.