Returning Sale items...

  1. Am i the only loony who has more going back to Mulberry than staying? Sales frenzy took over common sense and ordered stuff for the sake of it! Two keyrings?, two scarves, three bags.....for goodness sake! I need help ;)
  2. Ha ha no your not the only one... Sticking on the ups label as we speak...!

    I tend to get into the mentality if I'm paying postage I may as well order everything and see what i like!,, :lolots:
  3. I will be returning mine as it came with marks/stains on the suede :sad:
  4. No ur not the only one!! I bought two bays thinking I would decide which 1 I loved after examining each and every detai, however I don't like either of them! Do u know if we can return to an outlet? as that's the closest standalone store for me and I'm at work during UPS collection times!

    I wish I chose more wisely now as I feel as though I have missed out
  5. I am the same, knee deep in boxes..................went totally berserk. FOUR large boxes arrived from UPS to my work today. I saw the van turn up and ran outside and asked him to load them directly into my car. Skulked about but someone must have seen

    I am glad we have 14 days, it's going to take me that long to unpack & pack them up again. Then there will be the mind blowing task of trying to reconcile the credit cards with all the coming & goings

    and....................I still haven't learned my lesson, I can't decide what to keep so I've ordered some more to help me decide:woot::woot::woot::woot::upsidedown::upsidedown:
  6. I am the same! But this will be my first ever mulberry, and I like the nude Effie and the postman lock bag, not sure which to keep, could someone advise whether these are good first bags? x or should I go for something else?
  7. I bought three items - 2 bags and a pouch, sadly I've had to return the pouch as the leather had a bad crease in it :sad:

    I thought about ordering in loads of bags so that I had a good choice but I figured that it would cost a lot to return them. Is the return postage free? When I returned the pouch I didn't see a freepost label and ended up paying to return it.
  8. I only ordered one bag and I'm returning it......I can't decide whether to buy something else in the sales or wait for something in the new season bags!
  9. Mine says attach free ups label and call to arrange a collection...!
  10. I still can't make my mind up over my purchases. It's not that I don't like them it's just I think I bought them too quickly so I didn't miss out without thinking do I really need them.
  11. Might be an idea to start a thread in shopping listing what you are all returning for anyone looking for something- but advising of any problems so buyers dont rebuy any defective items? People will be haunting .com now looking for returns as people always buy loads and then return some... always good to know to avoid things that have been returned for the wrong reason!!
  12. My Harriet Satchel is going back as the lining had a huge rip in it! It was my first Mulberry purchase too. So gutted.

    That said, i would have sent it back anyway as i really wasn't a fan of the patent spongy leather. Thinking about exchanging for the Oak Lily - would anyone recommend?
  13. Hi and welcome. What a shame for your first bag, how do they let this go through? As if you are going to keep it like that!
    Oak Lily would be a great first Mulberry bag, I have one too and gets used a lot.
  14. Thanks :smile: I'll have a look at it in store. (so i can make sure it passes my stringent quality check first!!)

    ... have been majorly put off by their online sales now. Such a hassle having to wait for UPS to send stuff back.
  15. I refused delivery yesterday of my parcel (which felt wrong). Just getting over that, and checked the UPS status this morning to make sure it was winging its way back to M. Only to find that it's back on the van for delivery to me in Edinburgh again! Crikes, I hope I don't have to refuse delivery 3 times or something. It's like torture.