Returning sale items

  1. Hi Ladies:

    Thought I'd spread the love.

    I just returned the 8 Knot Tote and this bowling bag to NM (light brown instead of red)

    Price for the 8 Knot was 1400 but I think it has gone to further reduction and the bowling bag was ~1200.

    PM me if you want the SA details.
  2. Thanks for letting us know. What is the color of the 8 Knot Tote? TIA
  3. Hey, BagChic - I think you got the black 8 knot bag. if so, congrats!

    Also, for those that asked, here's a pict of the bowler.
  4. Thanks to Shoppe, I ordered the black 8 knot bag. It was marked down 55% off from $2700 to $1200. It's a great deal but after thinking over, I don't really need another black tote so I'm going to return it. If you're interested, please let me know. Thanks. Jackie