returning rock and chain flap

  1. I am returning a rock & chain flap, pm me if you want my SA's #.
  2. Hey Zippie, I returned mine also, It was to plain for the price. It did NOTHING for me...haha. Why didn't you like it?
  3. It was a little too small for me, I like larger bags so I am getting the R&C hobo style.
  4. zippie, did you get and return the small size flap for $1850? It is a bit small for everyday, IMO. However, there is a larger flap that I got that is quite roomy I think. It's $1975. I'm in love with this bag.
  5. I like big bags too, but I heard the R&C hobo is very hard to wear. Have you tried it?
  6. It is the larger flap R&C that is still smaller than I like. I have only seen pictures of the larger hobo and it looks like you can wear it comfortably over the shoulder.
  7. hi!!
    im wondering ..could tell me R&C FLAP SIZE??
    AND the size only one?
    AND the calf skin or lambskin?

  8. There are two sizes in the flap.

    Smaller is about 10in. accross at $1850.

    Larger is about 14in. across at $1975.

    It is calfskin leather.
  9. BellaFiore:smile: