Returning purchase to a high end store.


Mar 6, 2006
Yesterday I purchased a pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses. I thought I liked. On my way home I wore them and they just felt too heavy on my face. I'm thinking of returning them, but I feel embarassed to do that-- I never have before. I bought them at Neiman Marcus and the NM here only takes their own credit card, american express or a check. I wrote a check cause I don't have neither or the other two--which is another reason I feel embaressed--I don't want them thinking I didn't have the money to pay for them.

What do you guys think. Have you ever felt embarassed returning purchase to a high end store.
I never feel embarassed returning an expensive item. I frequent the same stores and they know they get plenty of sales from me in the long run. I do not feel embarassed exchanging things if they're not right. I bought a pair of Chanel glasses. When I started wearing them I discovered that the frame was a little too small. The sun was still getting in my eyes. I exchanged them for a larger pair. When you pay close to $500 for a pair of sunglasses you have to be 100% happy with them. Do not feel embarassed if you need to return them.
I do know how you feel, I have felt that way too; but, it has never stopped me from returning something if it was not right for me.

We all make purchase errors - the SA will not think that you could not afford the purchase; she may try to talk you into something else though. ;)
Don't feel embarassed! You do what you gotta do. I personally would hate to keep a pair of sunglasses that costs that much AND I didn't like them. Maybe you can exchange them for another pair of sunglasses there? I love the new Chanel styles!
I also know how you feel...but it's never stopped me. I always figure, I've been through much worse, and this is nothing.

But after it's done - I feel so liberated!:lol: :lol: :lol:
It doesn't matter about the level of the store, return what doesn't work for you. Period.
Also, you may have to wait 10 days to return something paid for by check, check their return policies before making the trip.

I bought soem fab Prada sunglasses from SFA, wore them the whole way home and cleaned and returned them the next day. They were too heavy for me and kept sliding down my nose. No way in h#ll am I keeping a pair of $300 sunglasses that I won't wear.
I hate returning things, but I'd never keep them just because of that. And I hate returning things, even to lower end stores -- I just hate the whole returning process!
Don't feel have every right to return something, especially if you change your mind. There is no need to waste money because of concern over what a SA might think.
Whats more important...what a $8 an hour SA thinks or losing $200 plus on a pair of Sunglasses you wont wear! Return it and dont feel bad at all! I recently did this with a pair of Chanels. I bought two pairs in two weeks time and the first pair I never wore. The second pair was my true love and I thought it stupid to keep a pair of $365 pair of glasses I will never wear. The real shame would be to worry about what others think!

Good luck!