Returning Pink Medium Lambskin Flap to NM

  1. So I scored myself a pink medium lambskin flap from NM during the pre-sale, it arrived yesterday and I hate to say this but I was very disappointed. First, there is no Chanel box, nor Chanel dustbag. It came in a Neiman Marcus Dustbag only. Second, it's USED :wtf: The previous owner left 2 lip pencils in the little pouch at the flap :yucky: There are some sign of wear at the corners but minor, for me I probably won't notice it's used if the previous owner didn't leave her junk in there.

    I am lucky enough to find another one from another NM, so I am going to return the first one to my local NM (Palo Alto), if any of you is looking for it please drop me a PM and I will let know you the detail :yes:
  2. wow, sorry it didn't work out but the good news is that there's another perfect one waiting for you. Phew! Show pix when you get it!
  3. what was the price like??
  4. Thank you handbag-ho, and Lola, it's marked down from $2150 to $1505 before tax.
  5. you got a great deal. :tup:
  6. Terrible that they didn't even check the bag before sending it off to you, shame on them. Which SA do you use there?
  7. Oh Yuck! :yucky::yucky:

    I would hate to receive a used bag.
    I happy for you that you found a better one.
  8. What color hardware did it have? I can't believe they sent you a used bag, shame on them and even bigger shame on the person who used it and returned it!:tdown:
  9. I'm glad that you are able to get one replaced....that's really disappointing to receive such condition of the bag.
  10. Just curious, how often do Saks and NM mark down Chanel? I got notice about the pre-sale
    at NM but had no idea they marked down Chanel accessories.