Returning Pink Medallion Tote *on sale*

  1. Hey ladies!

    I was sent 2 Pink Medallion totes from different SAs. So, I'm returning one of them to NM this week/weekend. If you want it please pm me for more info and I will see if my SA will hold it for you. I would like for her to get the sale. Sale price is $1487 + tax.

    Thanks and hope she goes to a pfer! :flowers:
  2. Hi Lainey, I swear........we are all certifiable.......I have received the same bag in 2 colors.....!!Thanks for posting your return and I am really surprised you would be buying a pink bag.....:roflmfao::heart:H
  3. Thanks for sharing your return info.

    I'm not sure if another cut ends already. If not, someone should be able to get another 25% discount from that price. The price should be $1487 minus 25% discount plus tax.

    I'm looking for a pink petite shopping tote, if anyone knows where to get it, please let me know.
  4. I could be really tempted :nuts:- especially if there's another 25% discount?

  5. I know, huh? I am a sucker for sales! :shame: It's such a cute bag! Did you keep yours? What 2 colors did you get?
  6. i returned my pink medallion tote, too...NM in LA last week. it was just too pink.......
  7. Thanks ladies! I got a few pms and gave the info to the first person to pm me. If it doesn't work out, as I think my SA and her may have already spoken and to make arrangements. I'll let you all know either way. :tup:

    That would be great if she could get an extra 25% off!
  8. Oh! Forgot to mention my SA had a red wallet on the chain on sale for I believe $650. I think it was a distressed type of leather, not caviar or lambskin. Pm me if you are interested... :yes: