Returning PCE purchase w/o a receipt....


Mar 2, 2008
Portland, OR
I want to return a brand new with tags red leather Carly that I purchased during PCE without a receipt to get full credit so that I can purchase another bag.. Do the SA's look up your purchase history when you bring something in without a receipt?


Flaunt your Fringe
Dec 7, 2005
I think they should look it up. That's $100 that you didn't even spend, that you're wanting to get back to make on another purchase. I still don't think it's right they allow people to do this, because it's a loophole in their policy.


Oct 26, 2006
Tampa Bay!
In the past I have returned things without a receipt and they have given me full price. I have always just put it towards something else so I never noticed until I got home and looked at the receipt.


May 5, 2006
If you are returning something you purchased during the PCE the right thing to do is to tell them you received the PCE discount when you initially made the purchase. It's the right thing to do. There is a possibility that they may allow you the 25% off on your exchange, especially if you have a good relationship with your SA.


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Aug 25, 2007
Some stores will do it for you, others won't. My usual Coach store said they couldn't do it. I called the one that is a little farther away and explained that I wanted to return some PCE items (wallet, cosmetic case) and exchange for another style. They said no problem, come on in. Everything was done smooth, pleasant, fab. That store is now "my" Coach boutique.
Good luck!


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Mar 9, 2007
South Jersey
I am torn on this policy. On the one hand, I feel like it's unethical to return something without the receipt that you bought with PCE, but on the other, I feel like if you return a PCE bag that you ordered and just happen to not like, why shouldn't you be allowed to exchange it for another? So my feeling is that it all depends on your intention.

For example, I'm thinking of returning my tattersall tote becaue I'm not so thrilled with it and should've gotten either the satchel or the larger tote. Now, if I were going to return it for one of those bags, I would not feel guilty about returning for full price and buying one of those bags at full price instead. BUT, I'm also eyeing up the new framed satchels which were not available during PCE. I could not, in good conscience, return for full price and then apply it toward one of the those bags because they weren't available before and I would feel like that was stealing. Does that make sense to anyone besides me?


May 5, 2006
^Yes, I understand exactly what you are saying and, like you said, intention is everything. :yes:


Dec 1, 2007
I don't mean to make you feel bad but I really think it is wrong. When you return something you should onlyl get back what you paid for it (either by payment method or store credit). I really feel it is wrong to get back anything more even if you are buying another bag. By returning it for full price you are also hurting everyone else because eventually Coach will stop the PCEs because people were misusing them. They give you a week to use them and you should be able to find what you want during that week or wait until the next PCE event. Please don't misuse this nice perk that Coach gives us. This is just my opinion.


Looking for LVOE
Many may disagree, but if you have a $398 purse purchased on PCE and you decide you want to exchange it for another $398 purse I don't see the problem. Now, what I would find UNETHICAL is to hold on to said bag that you paid $300 for on March PCE then return during June PCE w/out receipt and THEN apply to PCE so you "made" $100 credit. THAT IS HORRIBLE!!!!

But again, and I believe myself to be a pretty ethical person, I have no problem during a regular exchange to use the full value of bag towards my exchange. HOWEVER, I should say I probably would NEVER have initially done that if my SA and manager had not suggested it back in '05.


Feb 2, 2008
New England
I returned a PCE item while the event was still going on. I was able to get another purse and still get the discount. They originally were not going to do it, but when I said I would just return and get my money back and not purchase something else, they changed their mind. I did have my receipt and tags were still on the bag.