Returning Outlet Product to the FP Store?

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  1. Can you return outlet stuff to the FP store? I've seen people sayign they think people return FP stuff to the outlets, so I wonder if you can do the opposite?

    I am going to the Waterloo outlets this weekend and then stopping at the mall in Syracuse on the way back north. In the off chance that I find a better deal at Macy's would I be able to return my outlet stuff to the FP store?

    I'll have to pay duty on whatever I bring back with me, so it would be nice to not have to pay it on something that I will just be returning the next time I can make it to the outlets.
  2. Yes, you can return outlet products to FP - they will give you a store credit.
  3. Yay, that is awesome news. Thank you so much :smile:
  4. it's cool - as long as you're fine with store credit, not your $$ back!
    I only do it if I know there's something I'll be buying soon.
  5. It's fine for me, because I'll definitely spend it eventually! Though I just thought of something, I wonder if I can use the store credit in Canada? hmmm....I'll have to look into that!
  6. ^Yes I think you can, my sister in law returned a bag to the Canadian outlet that she bought in the States. They gave her a refund with the exchange rate included. The outlet receipts say paid in Canadian or American dollars. So you will get a credit note including whatever the exchange rate is at that moment
  7. wow I did not know this. I always assumed it had to go back to the outlet.

    I was at a FP boutique once and overheard a girl trying to return an outlet bag. The SA told her no, that she'd have to return at an outlet! She kept pleading with him, saying she got the bag during a trip to vegas but he was firm and said no. I didnt stick around to hear the outcome, but how awful if he turned her away when he really could have done the return.
  8. Oh no, really? Gah. I should have expected mixed answers!
  9. I don't understand how this can happen when their return policy is clearly stated on the back of the receipt :confused1:

    This is exactly what it says on the receipt:

    "New, unused Factory merchandise may be returned for merchandise credit only in a full price store with an original Coach receipt or gift receipt. Without a receipt, Coach Factory store merchandise must be returned to a Coach Factory Store."

    Perhaps the customer didn't have a receipt? That might be why she was turned away and told to go to the outlet for the return. That's the only (logical) reason I can think of.
  10. Maybe that person didn't have a receipt. You have to have a receipt to return an outlet item to FP.
  11. I am bumping this thread instead of starting a new one.

    Is the merchandise credit that you get in a FP store like a gift card? Does anyone know if you can use the merchandise credit that you get from returning an outlet bag to the boutique to order something thru JAX? I am debating on whether to return a couple of items to the FP store or drive 2 hours to the outlet. I have a 40% off credit for a bag that couldn't be repaired, but I have to place the order thru Coach customer service. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. I don't see why not. I would have just started a new thread. You would have received more targeted answers.
  13. Yes :smile: