Returning my Tivoli PM

  1. I just got it shipped to me on Tuesday, but I am returning it. It is just not me. I lusted after the bag for 2 months and then I get it and it is not me, I can't believe it! Too stiff and even though it is not a big bag, feels big on me.

    I got a mini accessories pochette and I love that, though.

    Truthfully, I had a Balenciaga First shipped to me, also. I am in love with that! I really can only keep one bag, and that was the plan, but I am so surprised I did not like the LV. I REALLY wanted the Tivoli!

    It is going back on Saturday to the LV in Natick, MA. I am not sure if they will call a waitlister or not, so it may be available, but I am not going until evening. It does not have any of the glazing issues that some are reporting and it is perfect in every way, just not for me. I may check out the Speedy 25, though.
  2. So sorry, I have the GM and Love it. I am only 5ft 4 but the like the biggest bag look
    Enjoy your Balenciaga
  3. Is yours smooshy and pliable? Or is it stiff?

    I think if it was a bit more pliable, I would love it.
  4. Well it's good you gave it a test-run beforehand. I guess it wasn't meant to be but glad things turned out great with your Bbag & your mini accessories:tup:
  5. I'm waitlisted for this bag and am curious too, because I'm afraid I won't like it in person too. Was it pretty much the size that made you not like it? I'm worried it's stiff too. I just love my speedies so much and how pliable they are. I'm just not a stiff bag person. Let us know details. It's so hard with this bag because they just aren't available in the store to look at. I'm so glad you found a bag that you love though!
  6. =[
  7. I personally was not crazy about the Tivoli PM either, but I do love the GM size. To me they look very different from each other.

    Congratulations on the Balenciaga First! I love that bag! I would love one in ivory for the summer. What color did you get?
  8. Sometimes it's just not the bag for you. At least now you know. Funny thing, there's always another bag. I thought for sure that the bellevue GM was the one for me....until I tried it on and it just didn't work. Sometimes you just don't know until you have them on your arm. Sometimes you know from across the crowded internet.
  9. I'm sorry to hear that! But at least you went with what you really love!
  10. The Balenciaga is a First, in the Sahara color.
    I am going to try on some bags at the LV boutique when I return. Maybe I will find something I like, but if not, I will wait.

    The main problem, for me, with the Tivoli, is the bottom is flat and that adds to the "bulkiness" of the bag. The bottom, combined with the inflexible pleating made the bag awkward - for me. As always, just my opinion. I am 5'1, if that helps.
  11. That helps a lot! I'm 5'2"-5'3" or so and that's exactly what I was worried about. I also didn't know if I would be constantly trying to fix the pleat. I know that sounds silly, but I almost never wear my almost new mono petite noe because I'm constantly adjusting the way it folds and it drives me nuts!
  12. I can't belive that you should try to sell it on eBay before sending it back. I don't care to much for the PM but I love the GM so much (of course I have one). Sorry sometimes it's not for everyone.
  13. Sorry to hear that, hopefully you will find something that will make your heart sing :heart:
  14. Sorry to hear about the LV, but glad you love your B bag!!!
  15. Sorry that didn't work out for you ... but congrats on the BBag First, wow the Sahara is a beautiful color!