Returning my Tiffany Valentine Gift - What to get instead?


Sep 19, 2009
Hi Everyone:help:

My DH bought me a Tiffany gift for valentines day. Whilst I love the sentiment, it isn't really my style. He bought me the Tiffany Black Onyx Toggle Necklace.

I have the bracelet and I do wear it, but I prefer more delicate pieces.
Given the amount he spent I would rather have something that I will love and adore.

For an anniversary he bought me the 0.14 platinum Elsa Peretti DBTY necklace.

I wear it daily. :love:

So if I up my budget I could get the matching bracelet.

I thought I would ask all you knowledgeable and stylish ladies what you would do in my situation. I would also love to see other ideas that you think would work. Maybe another DBTY necklace to layer.

As we are in Australia the prices, as you can see, are much more expensive than in the USA. I would like to keep my budget to $1000 au dollars. However, I would push it for a very special purchase. :graucho:

Thank you in advance.

Oh and DH is absolutely OK with me exchanging it. He would rather I get something I will wear. He admitted that as I have so much jewellery he is running out of present options. :roflmfao:


Sep 19, 2006
How sweet of your husband. I say go for the DBTY bracelet, if you can up the budget, consider the 3 stone version.


Sep 19, 2009
Thank you all for your replies. They are very much appreciated. I don't know what to buy, hence why I am asking for suggestions.

I am tempted to get the DBTY bracelet in platinum. Especially as I love my necklace so much. The only reason I am hesitating is because I have a two non Tiffany DBTY bracelets in white gold and rose gold, 0.30 and 0.15 respectively. I love them and wear them often.

I just wonder if I would wear another one, especially as the others have five stations and I probably would only stretch the budget for this one to the single 0.08 bracelet.

So any other suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Ek9977, I like both pieces you have suggested and will try to check them out in store!:tup:


Aug 1, 2012
I just ordered the dbty bracelet and I was shocked how little and dainty it is! I bought it to go with my love and if I had known how dainty it was not worth the money to me. I'll keep it but I was disappointed. In the pics it looks much more substantial so just thought I would share! Good luck


Mar 22, 2007
So you have two multi-station ones but no single station ones? Do you wear the multistation ones together or separately?


Feb 10, 2011
How about another DBTY necklace to stack? I do love to stack my dbty necklace.


Feb 19, 2012
Lovely of your DH!

I wouldn't go for the DBTY bracelet if you've already got two non-Tiffany ones already. Seeing as you've so much jewelry already, I'd recommend you go to a Tiffany store or online and have a good browse instead simply because I often find unexpected gems to fall in love with this way, as opposed to being fixated on a single piece and narrowing my view.

However, if you're insistent on recommendations... I'm very happy to oblige ;). For a pretty twist on delicate, I am completely smitten with the Paloma Picasso Venezia collection, like this bracelet: