Returning my Medium Classic for the Jumbo

  1. Hi ladies,

    Due to the invaluable insight I've gained in this forum, I purchased my first 2 Chanel bags 2 days ago: a medium classic (caviar) in black and a Cerf tote with silver hardware in black.

    But after lovingly touching my medium classic and reading your experiences, I realized that I'd much rather get the "bang for my Chanel-buying buck." As a result, I'm dashing to NM to pick up the Jumbo sized classic.

    I'm so excited. ;)
  2. I love my jumbo and found the medium too small for my needs.
    Please post a pic of your new baby!
  3. congrats on your purchases and can't wait to see pics.
  4. Ohhh, I can't wait to see pics of your gorgeous babies... I love the elegant look of the Cerf tote, and any flap always gets my vote haha! :nuts: I love my medium flaps (I'm carrying my black patent flap today! :girlsigh:), but I do agree that if you tend to carry more than just the essentials, the medium may be a bit too small. The black caviar Jumbo is actually one of my favorite flaps... it's as functional as it is fabulous IMO! :love: However, from a purely aesthetical viewpoint, the medium flap is my favorite looking flap ever! :love: :love:

  5. I agree love the look of the medium/large flap
  6. Returning to get a bigger size is always a good idea!
  7. Jumbo Rocks, Good Choice!
  8. congrats!!! i totally prefer the jumbo than the medium :p
  9. Congratz!!! Update us with pics.
  10. I GOT IT!!!! It's so delicious I could eat it for Christmas dinner!

    I will absolutely post pics once I return home on Thursday. I'm at my parents' house and my camera is at home. But please stay tuned!
  11. I absolutely love the jumbo! Congrats and can't wait to see your jumbo!
    • Can I ask the price differences - I just bought a calf skin fairly large classc flap fir about $2850. Does tell me size??? Thanks. I just didn't think to ask when I was in the store,since it looked pretty big for a flap.,
    Chanel flap2.jpg Classic Chanel 1.jpg
  12. congrats, I wish I swapped my medium flap for the jumbo- too late now though. Cant wait to see your pics on Thursday
  13. Congrats!!! I think you made the right choice. :yes: I have 3 jumbo flaps and 0 medium flaps. I find the jumbo to be PERFECT. I hope you love yours!
  14. That's the lambskin jumbo. :yes: