returning my legacy shoulder bag.....

  1. Since I bought the Ali's and my gallery tote, I haven't used my shoulder bag at all.
    It's a very nice bag, maybe just a tad small tho.
    But I figured since it's just sitting in the closet and I've been itching for a new bag..... it wont break my ban since it's only an exchange!!! lol

    I'm debating on getting a couple of different things.....

    I still really want a Hamptons bag like this, but I think it would probably give me even less room inside than the shoulder bag did.

    Or a slim Carly.... ??

    orrrr save the credit and use it towards the travel bag I really want......

    sorry the pics are so big, i'm at work and don't feel like resizing...
  2. OOOH!! I would save for the travel bag! That seems like it's just your style!!:yes:
  3. I had that first bag once upon a time, and had to exchange it - i couldnt fit nearly enough of my things in it. I would save up for the third one - that is really nice.
  4. I would save for the travel bag.. and take it on your trip!!!
  5. Save for the travel bag.
  6. hmmm....i would only end up paying like $50 more for the travel bag

    my SO things its dumb to have a designer travel bag...

    well I think it's dumb to have 3254654 video games
    and more than 2 cellphones, you dont have more than 2 ears!!!!!
  7. I love that travel bag!!!
  8. You could definately pull that bag off!! :smile:
  9. go for the gusto! if you want the travel bag get that one!
  10. Unless you travel a lot I would get one of the bags. It is a hard choice but I think I would take the Carly. :p
  11. I think the travel bag. It would be awesome for your trip! That Hamptons bag is REALLY tiny IRL. I was going to get it for my mom for Christmas but it is quite small and very thin....much, much smaller than the shoulder bag. The Carly is cute but I prefer the regular to the slim. I also remember that you had tried one on but didn't like the larger C's. I think you will get tons of use out of that travel bag both on your trip and you can use it as a work bag too(depending on how large it is, of course)!
  12. I like the Slim Carly or the Travel Bag, depending on how often you travel. Your SO may think a designer Travel Bag is dumb but he's not the one who'll be using it, right? ;)
  13. ahhh decisions decisions, this stinks ladies!!!

    i'm leaning more towards just getting a purse for now, since i really dont do alot of traveling and if I really really want it, my birthday is before we leave so I could always get it then!!!
  14. I would still go for the travel bag.. you may not do a lot of traveling.. but you will soon!
  15. I really like the travel bag. BUUTT, I don't travel, ever, so I would maybe go with the slim carly. I prefer it to the hamptons bag because the hamptons bag is pretty small. But if I were you, I'd get the travel bag. Even if you don't use it that much, just think of how long it would last!