Returning My Ergo Scarf Print Bag....

  1. LOL...I know. I really thought I loved this bag when I saw it in the catalog but now I've had it for about 2 weeks and It's just been sitting in the box. I haven't removed the tags or anything. I've posed with it in front of the mirror wearing different items and although it's cute...I just don't LOVE it any longer. So it's going back tomorrow!

    I decided a while back that if I don't absolutely LOVE an item I purchase that it's going back immediately. I used to buy things impulsively---not anymore. No regrets---it's definitely going back:yes:.

    Cute bag...just not for me...
  2. Oh, that makes me sad. As you can see from my avatar, that is the bag I am coveting right now. Well, to each their own. Now I'm scared that I won't love it too!! Hope you can exchange it for something you do love.
  3. ^^ Oh, don't be afraid to purchase it. It's really a cute bag. Have you seen it in person? Usually I don't purchase bags before seeing them in person but made the exception for this one.

    I just didn't see it working for me but it is definitely a great doubt about that.
  4. I would so buy this bag if they had it in the small ergo size which is priced at $198.
  5. I really wanted to add this to my PCE Order but I wanted to see it in person.
  6. Yeah, me too. I thought $328 was a bit high and the bag is a little to big for me as well.
  7. well to each her own ya know
    i've been coveting this bag as well and hopefully it will be mine soon!! hehe
    but if you're not going to use t just take it back and get something that you will use and love!!!
  8. I never buy a bag w/o seeing it in person. I've had to send to much stuff back. Plus, it seems like this time of year I'm obsessed with a new bag every week. Just can't resist those spring colors! LOL
  9. That's exactly one of the reasons why I am returning it today. I figured if I am going to pay 328 for a bag then it has to be one I truly LOVE and I just don't love this bag. I'd rather buy something that will last more than one season for that price. I'd rather put the money towards a bag that I know I will love and that will be around for years to come.
    I'm not buying any more bags that I know I won't use or don't absolutely love....not for 328.