Returning my chocolate Carly

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  1. :sweatdrop: Well.....I got my chocolate Carly yesterday, and for some reason IT'S JUST NOT ME! I dont like how it lays on my shoulder, and since I was planning to use this bag all fall and winter, wearing a heavy winter coat here in NY, I just dont think it will fit comfortably on my shoulder. It's the medium size...suggestions...should I return it to my boutique OR sell it on eBay since it's not available in stores yet? What do you all think? The large Carly is way too big for me, as I am only 5'2" as someone else had mentioned....I wish they made Carly w/ a long adjustable shoulder strap like the duffles....I am sooooooo sad! I also ordered a wallet to match, which will have to be returned when it arrives on Tuesday OR sell it on eBay as well...I just dont know which way to go....HELP!!!!!!!!!! :sweatdrop:
  2. I sold my new black sig medium Carly on eBay -- because it wouldn't stay on my shoulder. I just ordered large and I hope I have better luck.
  3. Sorry it didn't work for you. I kind of like the strap, though when I first tried it on I wasn't sure I would like it.
  4. If I sell it on ebay I dont have to drive back to the boutique, and w/ the gas prices the way they are, that would be GREAT! I guess it would sell fast since it's not out in stores yet, right? I hope you like the large black sig better! Let me know when you get it!
  5. sorry that it didn't work for you. anyone returning a carly breaks my heart. would work for winter. i had my carly all through fall/winter and it fit over my leather coats, wool peacoats and bubble coats.

    i hope you find the bag that is perfect for you!
  6. It's too bad the Carly wasn't for you, but i'm sure you'll find something perfect for you in the new fall collection.
  7. I tried on the carlys and agreed, I am 5'10" but think the large is way too huge, I don't like it..and the medium I thought looked a little small.. as far as selling on ebay, check out how they have sold lately and go for it!! You will have to pay fees but you have an advantage since it is the chocolate one... if you didn't have to drive to the boutique like you mentioned I would just return it. Good luck, sorry it didn't work out for you!
  8. I always have a problem with my bags staying on my shoulder. I have 2 bags with adjustable straps, a large leather Soho Hobo and a Black sig duffle but it is the kind with the flat bottom that they don't make anymore, anyway, they always slip off my shoulder, the duffle more so. How annoying but I agree, If you are not totally happy with it then return it. Have you tried on an Ali ?
  9. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you! i hope you will find a bag that you absolutely love!
  10. Hmm, how about the shoulder totes? They kinda have the same feel of the carly with an adjustable shoulder strap and bigger drop. I hope you find a bag you love!

  11. I'm so sorry it won't work out for you--I just bought the large (I'm only 5'3) and I LOVE it! I love big bags though. and I LOVE the chocolate!!! good luck finding a great bag!

  12. I'm 5'2 also and love the feel of the large Carly! I must be in the minority! I do have the shoulders of a linebacker though :p so carrying a large bag usually isn't a problem!
    I'm sorry you're having to return your bag!
  13. Sorry it didn't work out.....and I don't think you'll have any problem selling it on eBay if that's what you decide to do.
  14. I do think the Carly is a great fall/winter bag but agree about the shoulder thing--it broke my heart that I couldn't keep it on my shoulder. Maybe I need better posture!
  15. I tried the med Carly but it was about 2" too small I thought. I was going to try on the large but the SA said it would be too big for me so I didn't bother. Today I saw a lady with the large on and it looked fabulous to me, not too big on her at all, but she looked to be around 5'6'' or so.