Returning my black Venetia!

  1. I just got my black Venetia. And I am returning it even though I got it for a great deal. I just feel like the style has been copied to death and looks dated considering the new quilted style. I feel like i see thousands of knock offs from Michael by Michael Kors etc. I also don't like the style that much....looks sort of like a doctor bag. Am I making a huge mistake? haha...
  2. If you don't like it, then definitely return it. There are plenty of us who love the Venetia style! I'm sure that someone will give it a loving home ;)
  3. hmm, maybe the style has been copied to death, but there is only ONE original! I think it's a classic!
  4. I agree that the original bag is a classic. I love the shape. It's a great everyday bag and MJ uses the best leather and hardware. It might be too big for some, though.
  5. I like the Venetia a lot, but for some reason I would never get it black.. I'd get it in a nice color. MJ has so many great color combinations!

    Strike that. I would consider a black Venetia with pink suede.. another holy grail. LOL.
  6. I like this design, but if you are not inlove with your venetia, return it. I wish that venetia has slightly longer straps, maybe 1 to 2 inches longer.
  7. I have the Berry Venetia, during the whole craze when it was at the Rack....and I love it. I passed it up a number of times, but then seeing how everyone on the forum wears it, how it is such a classic style and all the beautiful made me want it!
  8. Return it if you don't love it. I personally LOVE my Venetia. But like thithi, I'd rather have it in a color.
  9. You have to go with purses that you really love. If it is not the one for you Marc Jacobs has many other wonderful purses.
  10. Return it if you are truly unsatisfied, though I love the venetia in ivory!! :p
  11. I agree with everyone else, you should return it if you are not fully satisfied. I love mine...I used it all last week.
  12. Return it if you don't like it, too many sales too many bags. I have a Periwinkle Venetia and a pale Pink Venetia and I still love them, just have so many bags that I don't get to wear them as often as I'd like.