returning LV

  1. hi everyone! i purchased a cles for my mom this past tuesday but she is not too fond of it (i know! :wtf: ) so I was thinking about returning it. However, I have looked EVERYWHERE and I cannot find the receipt. It's really freaking me out because if i indeed lost the receipt, someone out there might have my info, right? Anyway, I was wondering can I return the brand new cles without a receipt? I paid with an Amex and I could bring in the statement to show them. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you and have a great day :yes:
  2. They should have it in their computer system. I've lost my bill once and they looked it up in the computer (I was doing an exchange though) and let me.
  3. Like Irene said, you should be in the computer. Try it and see what happens. The worse anyone can say is "no return".
  4. Hi
    You could always call the store and ask to speak to the manager, save your gas! The best they probably could do is give a credit, anyway. Worst possible scenario: no return. If that happens, you could always recoup your loss by re-selling it on ebay. (That works only if you are established. If not, then its doubly hard and it probably would not be worth the hassle.)
  5. it will be good if you can remember the SA who served you, maybe she can help you.
  6. In store either you will get store credit (valid for 1 year) or exchange. They should be able to took at their system about your purchase. Good luck..let us know what the outcome will be.
  7. From what I can recall.....I've asked about exchanging gifts in the past w/o a receipt and have been told it is possible though I've never done it......the chance of getting the $$ back is slim but at least you could maybe get something else.....