Returning LV to store without receipt?

  1. Hi. I recently received the perforated monogram accessories pouchette as a gift, and have the tags inside and everything. However, I don't have any receipts.

    I know this is a long shot, but would I be able to return it to the boutique for store credit and buy something else? I don't really have a use for this purse, and would much rather get something from the Multicolore line (like a Wapity, or the heart-shaped coin purse...does anybody know what that's called?). Anyway, please let me know...thank you ladies, and happy LV shopping!
  2. Nope, they won't accept return if you've no receipt coz they'll use the previous receipt for the file that you returned item or something like that beside it, some of country may have no credit note. I return Roxburry for my friend and exchange with Rosewood, the rest $45 is refundable and the worst, they also have no credit note/gift voucher.
  3. It depends on your relationship with the store. I've returned several times without a receipt with no problem, but they know me really well. The heart coin purse was limited edition as well...unfortunately, it's not available. There's rumor it might be released again.
  4. I think I've returned w/o a receipt, but my purchases were in their computer system. IDK in your case. Sorry I'm not much help.
  5. Hi local Vuitton boutique logs each purchase into their computer system...including items which were purchased as gifts...should your local boutique track purchases via the computer you shouldn't have any problem...However, you must know where the item was purchased, who the purchaser was, the approx time which it was purchased...Also, you can contact 866-Vuitton speak with a customer care rep who may also be able to assist you...I hope this helps!
  6. Your info should be in the computer!
  7. When I buy things @ LV for people other than myself, I always fill out the card with recipient's name, address, etc. so, in case they do decide to return/exchange the item, their info is in the computer and they have no problem doing so. I know for a fact that one of my friends did take the bag I got her to exchange it for something else and they did it for her, no questions asked. Hopefully, whoever gave you this gift did the same. If not, it should be under their purchase history.
  8. The record of your bag shld be in the system and hence it shld be all right since they are then able to retrieve it. Hope you can exchange it for something you'll enjoy;)