Returning items bought at

  1. I hope I am posting in the right place...

    I decided to return one of the Pocket Squares that I recently bought, so I sent it back over a week ago. I live about an hour away from the warehouse, so I assumed it would take a couple of days. Well, it's been more than that and they haven't received it yet. I insured the package but didn't get tracking...:crybaby:, so I have no idea where it is now (I used USPS to ship it)! I called a few minutes ago and they said that it could still be in the mail room...but I shipped it over a week ago...why would it still be there????!!!!

    Have you ever had to deal with returns at Did it take them a long time to process it? Any help is appreciated!

  2. Wow! Hope you get your refund soon.
  3. ^^ Thank you! I hope so, too! This is why I hate mailing stuff as well as buying online! I just never feel safe! I'll call again today and see if they found the package.
  4. that is a pain...I learned my lesson about using the return mailers at NM too...sometimes it takes weeks for them to get your package if you use their return mail I just pay for the shipping/insurance to be sure they receive it in a timely manner
  5. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if it was sitting in their mail room. I haven't purchased anything from before, but from my experience with &, they take at least 2 weeks AFTER receiving the items back before processing the return and then another week or so for the credit to show up on my cc. I always ship my returns back to NM/BG via Fedex 2-day, so I know they have the package, but everytime I call NM c/s, they always tell me the returns dept. is backed up. Hang in there, I'm sure you'll get your money back...eventually! :yes:
  6. i shipped a scarf back to H and put delivery confirmation on it - it showed it was delivered in about 2-3 days, but it seriously just sat waiting with no updates or anything and i called back like 3 weeks later. the person on the phone said the item was in the warehouse and to try back the following tuesday since return items get processed on mondays. so that leaves me to wonder, what were they doing the previous 3 mondays??

  7. ^^^^^ collecting interest on your money? :wtf: