Returning Item??

  1. Hello there,

    about 2 weeks ago i bought fake sunglasse :cursing: so i contact the seller and she is willing to return my money.

    my question is: i paid $15 shipping costs, and now i have returned the item and paid $10 to send it back. does the seller have to refound some shipping costs? i mean otherwise i spend $25 for nothing? :confused1:
  2. If she has sold counterfeit then YES! She missold an item and you shouldn't be out of pocket

    I just spent $400 on a bag with $16 shipping and it will cost the same to return it, I expect to have all these costs refunded as the seller sold a counterfeit bag
  3. this is what she wrote::confused1:

    "Hi, i am very confused as i only buy from an authentic wholesaler. but if you believe them to be fake please return the item and then i will refund you upon receipt. I can assure you that I would not sell fake goods and look forward to hearing from you"

    i will contact her regaring the shipping costs, i hope she will return that to me :cursing:
  4. At least she is answering you and not being unpleasant, let us know what she says about the shipping costs
  5. If she refuses, open a dispute through Paypal. You should get all your money back that way especially if you paid with a credit card.
  6. Hi There,

    i wrote her yesterday about the shipping refound and she reply this back

    " Hi, I havent received them yet but I am sure I will do in the next couple of days. I have a customer policy which states I do not accept refunds. My supplier assures me that the sunglasses are real and not fake as you suggest. He can provide documentation to confirm this is the case. Sorry for the trouble but I will refund you the cost of the item but not the postage. The item does clearly state that I do not accept refunds however in the interest of goodwill I have agreed on this occasion. The sunglasses most definitely are 100% authentic.
    Thanks "

    what may i supouse to do? :sad:
  7. Hmm.....think you might be a bit stuck now, she seems utterly confident they were authentic. How did you find out they weren't?
  8. i took them to Burberry and they told me that they were not Aunthentic..
  9. Have you told her this?
  10. yes i ahve told her in my first e-mail that i was not happy with the sunglasses and that i took them to burberry and they told me they were FAKEEEEEEE.. still she dont accept they are not authentic, or maybe she didnt knew they were fake..:sad:

  11. do you have a document saying that they are indeed fake...from burberry??