Returning item for refund to an honest seller, should I file a claim?

  1. Hiya!

    I purchased what was allegedly a white sapphire ring off eBay, only to find out it was cubic zirconia. I contacted the seller and they immediately offered a refund and sincere apologies, and I completely believe they're genuine when they explained they describe the item exactly as they're jeweller advises. My question is, do I just send the item back and wait for the refund? I'm quite sure they're an honest seller (100% feedback, with hundreds of transactions), but should I still file a claim just to make sure I'm covered? They just seem like really nice people, and I filing a claim seems awful...or am I just being naive? :confused1:
  2. Unless you know them personally, I would file a claim just to cover yourself. I'd see how they respond to the claim and then proceed.
  3. Well thats a hard one to me, because anyone can make a mistake I recently sold my brothers shoes and some on email me saying careful not to ruin your score because those shoes are fakes, but my brother grantees their real I didnt know what to do and now they sold I am waiting for the payment but now I feel that it is risky selling something that is not yours or are 200% sure they are real so what if they are not and this person files a claim saying I sell fake shoes then their goes my rep. Once I bought something that was not real and I got my money back I left no feedback and neither did he. Sorry if I didnt help too much but Im in that sellers situation. :oh:
  4. When you send it back make sure that the parcel have some sort of tracking number. I think you should give that seller a chance to refund you before you file a claim with paypal against them. You can tell the seller that once you confirmed they received the parcel that you expect a full refund in 24 hours.

    I run into this exact situation a few times before and I always gave the seller a chance to make it right (i.e refund me) before I file with paypal.
  5. That's great advice, but I'm a little worried I might run out of time for that. I think the 45 days are up at the end of this week.

    Hmm, maybe I can send the seller an email ahead of time to let them know I'm intending to file the claim but hope to settle the matter quickly without pursuing the matter further? Or is that just rude..."Just a courtesy email, I'm about to make a complaint about you"! :smile:
  6. send it priority mail with sig con. hopefully she receives it before the time is up. let her know that you will file the claim on the last day whether she has the item or not if you haven't received refund.
  7. Don't let your time run out. You can file a claim, but you don't have to escalate it right away, you have 20days. Just explain to her in the claim that you filed it just to cover yourself and you will close it once a refund is giving.

    I take returns on some of my items, I have never had anyone file a claim, but I would understand if they did.....especially with so many crooks on eBay these days
  8. When you send it with traacking, you can email the seller with the tracking number. Maybe they will refund then. If not, file a claim to cover yourself. Did you use your cc? You should be covered by that.