Returning inclusion key chain

  1. I just bought the speedy inclusion key chain attached it to my purse and it chipped!!! I took it to LV and they said they would send it out to see if it could get fixed (i dont think you can fix that) and if not im out of luck! That's not fair!! When something like that has happened to my chanel stuff my SA instantly exchanges it for me and gives me a new one. What should i do?????
  2. That's awful! How long ago did you buy it?
  3. the inclusion scratches a lot, but ive never heard of it chipping!
    you should get it exchanged!
  4. They should definitely exchange it for you. That's poor, poor quality if it chips without usage.
  5. you need to talk to different SA or different store!!! def call around!!!!

    something like this happened in the past ---mine was w/ vuitton cup choker/bracelet and the leather came off from the silver part..... i talked to a few SA and they said they won't fix it and the manager came out and she TOLD me to send it to special leather shop myself to get it fixed....i was pretty upset and left.

    on the way home, i stopped at Saks and went to LV counter there and the SA there was so nice (he is not there anymore though,,,) and took it from me and about a month later, called me w/ a brand-new one!

    good luck, try until you get a new one!!! :heart:
  6. Wow I'm sorry..I've had my Inclusion keyrings hooked onto my bags and they've smacked into things, but they've never chipped at all. I'd just see if you can exchange it because out of the Inclusions I have, nothing like that has ever happened.
  7. I agree, I think they should exchange it for you..when did you get it?
  8. I bought a beige inclusion speedy keychain when they came out originally and it's chipped all over. I use it as a keychain however, not as a purse charm - so it gets a lot of use. They will eventually chip.
  9. I got it about a month ago, and attached it to my manhattan, but I have so many purses that I barely use that one. Especially with my baby I usually only end up using my diaper bags and I just throw my wallet in there.:sad: