Returning grey quartz phoebe today .

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  1. I really want to love this bag but I can't make the handles work for me :tdown: I previously bought Maggie in this color but couldn't do the handles either, thinking the thinner handles of phoebe would work I swapped it out....but it's not working for me, I tried her with various different outfits ( so lots of diff fabrics, some with sleeves, some without ) but I can't justify a pretty purse that doesn't get used.
    Of course the flip side is that this was my last purchase before a long ban as we need to pay for ds college tuition, soooooo.....I still could find one thing that I really love when the time is right :P
  2. Sorry it didn't work out for you. I'm glad I waited to jump on the Phoebe bandwagon. When they first came out, I worried the thin straps would be uncomfortable but it seemed like everyone who got one seemed to not have a problem with them. It has only been in the last week or so that I've heard people complain about the straps. Maybe the Madison hobo would work for you?

    ETA: I can hardly wait until DD graduates some time next year. Tuition and housing for her is our biggest expense.
  3. I think the hobo is def more my style go to bags are always my duffles, Isabelle's or Zoe....just so easy to carry. Maybe they will release some new hobo colors, I like bold colors if its not a neutral so I will keep my eyes peeled for new releases.

  4. what is the complaint about the straps? I have two that still are in the shopping bag.
  5. There is a thread about straps hurting shoulders and several people posted about Phoebe.

    The consensus is that thinner straps dig into your shoulder more than wider straps.
  6. I find that interesting, as I have the opposite experience. I find the Phoebe straps more comfortable than Isabelle (which has one strap). I am surprised people find Phoebe uncomfortable, but as we all know everyone's preferences and experiences vary. That's what's fun about handbags, trying to find one that looks and feels good to you :smile:
  7. For me I just can't deal with one of the straps slipping off my shoulder , I tried crossing one under the other but it wasn't comfortable . I didn't even try it loaded so I don't know if the straps would have dug into my shoulders.
  8. I think it is because we all have differently shaped shoulders. I have two totes I haven't cut the tags on yet. Now I'm afraid to because of what was said in that thread. The problem is I won't know if they hurt my shoulder until I carry them, and then it will be too late to return them. I have no problem with Isabelle. I usually prefer a single strap because with double straps, a lot of times one of them will slip off my shoulder. My most comfortable purses have soft, wide straps.
  9. I agree, that's why these threads are so interesting. For me one factor is how long I'm wearing a bag. Isabelle is usually fine on me but if I've been wearing it for hours then it will hurt just a little. So on most of my outings it is just fine.

    I've noticed even a small change in material can make a difference. My Legacy Leather Mini Tanner is comfortable, but I ordered (and quickly returned) a saffiano one because that strap just dug right into my shoulder and I couldn't make it work. That made me sad it was such an adorable bag.
  10. Yeah, one of my totes is saffiano so maybe I'll try the other one first. That's a shame because the saffiano one is red and I wanted to use it for Valentine's.
  11. I love the hobo and the regular size Phoebe . Did a comparison thread here earlier:
    Since then, I am on my second HOBO but still love Phoebe, just have so many of them LOL.
    Hope you find the bag you love . Hope the thread helps you decide. Good luck !
  12. Thanks for the link....the hobo looks so smoochy and comfy to wear. I will def keep it in mind.
  13. I haven't had a shoulder strap digging issue with either of my Phoebe's (both regular sized that I do load up quite a bit). But as stated before, we all have different shoulders. :smile:. And I generally don't have issues with bags bothering me like that.
  14. Sorry it did not work out for you! I love that color maybe you can find another bag in that color that works for you!
  15. Sorry the grey quartz phoebe didn't work for you!! I just picked this same phoebe up because I love the color and size more than the reg pebbled grey I had awhile back..I never had issues with either phoebe's straps.
    So some bags just don't work no matter how much we want them to.
    I hope you find a bag that works :smile: