Returning/exchanging in a different country from the purchase

  1. One of the items I got last Thanksgiving in Milan needs to be exchanged and I'm not sure how I should go about it. (Never returned anything to Prada before.)

    When I called up a store in NYC yesterday, the person I spoke to didn't really sound like he knows what he was doing. At first, he was telling me how I could exchange an item as long as it's in stock. Then he changed the tone and told me otherwise after I told him the reason for exchange was due to it being defective. He informed how they could only get it repaired. And then he went on to say, none of the products can be returned/exchanged in the States when bought elsewhere. Is this true? I have friends who bought designer goods from Europe or Asia and return/exchange in the States, but none of them were Prada products. Is the refund policy more strict in Prada?

    The problem with the product is not much of a problem... So I'm thinking I could just let it go and keep it as how it is. But if anyone here was successful in returning/exchanging in a different country from the purchase, I'd like to hear about it. Thanks in advance!:heart: