Returning Denim Satchel

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  1. First of all I just want to say that this bag is gorgeous. I immediatly went home and put my things in it. When I walked around with it I realized that I don't like carrying handbags in my hand. Yes, it will fit on my shoulder but in my opinion it takes away from the look of the bag. Therefore I think that I am going to return it tomorrow and get the tote instead. I love the color of the denim so I want to stay with it.

    Did anyone get this bag and if so what do you think?

    I guess this is why I never got a Speedy.
  2. I tried it on in the store, and it's so darn cute, but it just is smaller than I expected.

    Can you try the shoulder tote instead in the same pattern?
  3. I think that's what I am going to do. I got the bag at NorthEast Mall but out of embarressment I may exchange it in Southlake. The SA's at NorthEast also showed me the new Carlys.
  4. Sorry to hear that...... I got it, but it hasn't been delivered yet. I think it's adorable, but I haven't put stuff in it and walked around with it. I hope I like it - the tote is too small for me and the big one looks weird on me, too wide. Which tote are you getting?
  5. I hate having to hold bags too. I tried on the tote today, and i really love it. I'm probably going to buy it this week.
  6. I may get the large tote. It will just be an even exchange but I don't really carry a lot so I may end up getting the smaller one. The satchel looks really awesome filled with all of the paper but when I put my things in it did not have that same fullness. Maybe I am being a little silly, but I really hate to spend this much and not be happy. They ordered my Carly and denim mini skinny, and I can't wait to see them.
  7. I love it. I think the size is just right not too small and not too big. I must have this bag.
  8. You are not being silly at all; you should be happy and satisfied with your purchase! You should feel like this after spending that much money::yahoo: KWIM?
    Exchange it with no remorse.:yes: Can't wait to see pics of your new stuff!:smile:
  9. People change their minds all the time. The SA's in the Coach boutiques don't even bat an eye when you walk in with a return. I don't return often but I don't feel bad when I do and I don't think you should either. These are not $30 handbags-they cost real money and you should be happy.
  10. If you don't absolutely love the bag you should take it back and exchange it for something you will use. I have the Brown Speedy coming this week and it is my first signature piece. I generally am not a big fan of satchels so if this does not fit over my shoulder I will return it and get another bag. Hopefully it will work out for me as I do like the shape of the bag. The Chocolate Carly is lovely and I have seen it in person. It does go over the shoulder and is just $398. You could also get the shoulder tote which I believe is sold exclusively in department stores. I saw it in Macy's last week. Good luck deciding as it won't be easy.
  11. Hi Liz, I was thinking of you yesterday when I looked at the brown satchel you had ordered . Since I already love the Gold and Khaki Carly, I had contemplated the brown and khacki one, which was just too much the same..look. These are everyday bags for me and I thought the chocolate would be different in look. I did not see the chocolate in person. Did it have a dark brown strap on it with gold hardware and look elegant? What did you think of the tan medium leather Carly? They were sold out and the white at least in the store. Black and white is very stunning with a black shirtdress. A very popular bag here, it seems. I wonder if they will make a dark brown leather Carly in the Fall. Your tote in vintage is gorgeous...The leather is yummy!!. Let me know if you love your brown satchel. I am awaiting bring the Carly this week...
    Regards......hope you love the bag...:heart:
  12. I like how the satchel looks but can't handle a hand-carry only bag for my lifestyle. I love the totes--the drop length is nice, and do we really need to point out how awesomse the lining is?:p
  13. I like the drop length of the new totes also. I had one of the first signature stripe totes and the drop length was shorter and I ended up selling it.
  14. When you go to southlake dont let Christina, or christi whatever her name was help you. Im not kidding if you tell her your just looking around she will follow you like a lost puppy.

    Im eyeing the denim tote the color is soooooooooo vibrant. I might have to wait though since I just got my mia and ergo and soho wallet in less than 2 months time haha!

    In the meantime Can you post pics so I can drool over yours?!!?!
  15. I have to admit I was disappointed when I saw the satchel in person. The size was OK and I don't mind shorter straps (love my patent gallery tote) but the leather straps seemed really thin and not of a very good quality. That cinched my decision - if the hardware and straps had been more substantial I would have bought it.