Returning Chanel Brown Tote ($630!) to Saks

  1. I've decided to return my Chanel Brown Tote to Saks. I bought it unseen (it was shipped to me). It's a very structured bag, and I like to throw my things about in my bag.

    Here's some more info about it:

    The bag is brand new with tags attached, in fantastic condition, original price is $1995 and is currently marked down to $630. I will be shipping it to my Saks location on Monday and should arrive Tuesday or Wed.

    If you want to purchase this from my SA, PM me for details.

    Last time I posted return info, my SA was inundated with phone calls from tPFers :smile: so to avoid that, this time I will only give the info to the first tPFer to PM me. I've posted good pictures so please PM me if you think you're really interested.

    If that first person changes his/her mind or don't action upon it, I'll give the info to the next tPFer. Hope this approach is OK with everyone!
    brownchaneltote.JPG brownchaneltote2.JPG brownchaneltote3.JPG browntotechain.JPG browntoteinterior.JPG
  2. Can you wear it over shoulder? It's a great bag.. but it's too structured for me.. hope someone who really wants it, get the bag...
  3. you are so sweet to post the info and photos!
  4. You can wear it over your shoulder and it has a slim profile so I like the fact that your arms don't "flap out" when you wear it over the shoulders.
  5. I PM'ed you!