Returning Bleeker Metallic Woven Pocket Hobo

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  1. I was so excited to get the Bleeker Metallic Woven Pocket Hobo. My store didn't carry it so I had to order one through JAX. Well, FedEx just left and I'm so disappointed with this bag. It just doesn't look right. It's too small. I was hoping it would be a little bigger.

    Does anyone else feel this was about this particular bag?

    I'm thinking maybe I should return it and get the Heritage Stripe XL satchel. If anyone has this bag I would love to see modeling pics and know how you like it.
  2. Yeah, with the slouch I agree it's a small bag. That's why I made a comment on another thread when some members were saying it was "too big", lol! My issue is that it just won't really slouch correctly on me. I also find the one I got (also ordered from JAX) to be thinner and have less texture than the ones I've tried in the store. So I was bummed too! I may either exchange or return this weekend...not sure which yet. I guess it's nice to have a smallish light bag for certain occasions, though. It does seem very light.

    I'm actually going to buy the berry fashion satchel. I really prefer this over the XL satchel because I have that style in the old Heritage. It seems a bit bulky and weird to me, I guess partly because it's more structured and rigid than the medium Lily (which squashes down more when you carry it on the shoulder). I love the XL, though!
  3. I was very excited to see this in person but was also disappointed. I didn't mind the size but it just didn't slouch like I had just looked funny on me. I was also set on getting that bag for PCE. Now I've changed my focus to some older bags on the bay and I'll use my PCE on new accessories.
  4. I have the fashion satchel and to me it is even more rigid because of the shape, it's more square. Plus, with all the pockets and stuff it gives it an extra bit of weight and is bulky...ti still love mine though...try it out and see what you think
  5. I just got this in mahagoney(sp) and I am very confused on if I am keeping it. I don't like the way it slouches (I haven't took the tags off or used it) when I try it on. It slouches different from the store. I should have bought the store sample! (i like to do this because they slouch the right way already!
  6. Me too! I used my PCE on this bag (brown) because it had such a cute slouch when I tried it on at the store, but when I took the stuffing out and tried it on at home, filled and empty, it just didn't look right, so I'm taking it back this weekend.
  7. I tried this one on and passed and was able to later pick up the Metallic Thompson Juliette at the outlet. I like it MUCH BETTER! It is also really large and has the woven leather all over! :yes:
  8. Please post pics. I'm dying to see this bag! :yes:
  9. I had that same problem w/ the Thompson Hobo - I loved it when I tried it on in the store, but when I got home and took the stuffing out and put my stuff in, it felt really awkward and didn't slouch right at all.
  10. That's so disappointing! I hope you find something you really like.

  11. Here is the Julliette!

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  12. THANK YOU!!!:drool: Its GORGEOUS!
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    :wlae:Now, your Juliette looks as good on you as I think my Bleecker Hobo looks on me.;) I ordered Juliette but returned it because it didn't slouch, it just curved out at the top, even with my things in it. :shrugs: It's a beautiful piece, both in texture and metallic. I have the woven resort wristlet, which is a piece of work in itself! Enjoy it!

    The bleecker hobo isn't too big for me, but I try to stay in proportion with my torso, and I don't carry a lot of stuff. The only "large" bag I can justify is a large tote, but then I wouldn't use that as an everyday purse.

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  14. The Juliette didn't slouch as much at first but now it is great! Just took a little while to break in the leather. Mine really isn't that full at all....I just like the look! :yahoo: Someone told me today it looked like a suitcase! LOL!
  15. I returned mine also!! for the same reasons