Returning Beige Cloudy Bundle Satchel to Saks

  1. I’m returning this Cloudy Bundle Satchel to Saks. I don’t have a Saks in my state, so I’m shipping in the return.

    PM me if you would like details because you will have to get your timing right to purchase this bag. The sales price is $964 (it was originally $2295)!

    The bag is absolutely gorgeous – it’s perfect, I can’t believe it’s a *sale* bag. For me, it was a choice between this bag and the tote and even tho the tote is less practical (it doesn't zip at the top and it doesn't carry as much), I really, really love the shape of the tote and I can't keep both.

    cloudy bundle satchel.JPG cloudybundle satchel 2.JPG
  2. thanks so much for posting the info!
  3. Thank you for posting. I am a new member and looking to purchase my first Chanel bag within the next year as I will be turning 50 next month and I would like to treat myself to a Chanel handbag.

  4. PM'd you!
  5. I hope I can have this baby~~lovely bag!!:tup:
  6. Wow so many people want it! :biggrin:
  7. Yes it's a lovely bag @ such a great price.
  8. thanks for sharing!