Returning Bags

  1. Can you return bags to Coach stores without a receipt and tags for a store credit?
  2. Without a receipt perhaps but I'm not sure about w/o tags. If it's been used then no, items are supposed to be returned unused. You could call your SA and ask her/him.
  3. Well is it that you don't have tags or that they are not attached?

    If I have bought a display sometimes the tag wasn't attached. The biggest rule of thumb is unused. As suggested above call your local store and speak to a manager.
  4. I do not have the tags at all but they are unused...What if the style isn't in the stores anymore?
  5. I think that might be pushing it a bit - it would be up to the store.
  6. You might get outlet price if they give you anything and it would be in the form of a store credit...that;s my guess