Returning bag

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  1. Returning a Kabuki Speedy in the next few days, was able to get the Neverfull, which is what my wife wanted. Sorry if this isn't the proper place. Let me know if you want information.
  2. What information would anyone need?
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  3. I guess the OP might be thinking of people who were trying to buy one and want to know which store he was returning it to? But I am only guessing. Can't think of any other reason for this post!

    ETA: Either that or trying to elicit a sale for it?
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  4. I would assume he doesn’t know you aren’t allowed to sell on here.
  5. Probably to tell them where he is returning too in case someone trying to find - this is how people helped others when the tahitienne line came out
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  6. I am not trying to sell. I can just return. There are plenty of places that I can use to sell, for a profit, if that was my intention.

    I would let interested party(ies) know when I am about to return and what store.

    My goal is to help someone in this community.
  7. I knew this is what you meant.
    And technically we can list items for sale in the new "Your auctions" area. A link can be provided for items being sold online.
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  8. Thank you, you are correct, even though my wording was interpreted differently.
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